Given the multi-fold  nature of construction and/or renovations, integration is the name of the game who you choose to have on your team will be crucial to its success. Our team has proven their expertise and ability to provide seamless integration solutions for your construction program. We want to help you tackle the day-to-day responsibilities while overseeing the bigger picture.

We at Dob the Builder offer you our Project Management Services. Our teams work closely with you and liaison between architects, engineers, and other construction consultants to provide seamless integration between all stages of the construction process. From the preliminary stages to the completion of the build, our team will go at bat for you to provide proactive problem solving solutions for any construction and push to ensure the best savings for you.

Our services include but are not limited to :

  • Architect/Engineer Selection
  • City Permit Liaising
  • Budget Management
  • Subcontractor Co-ordination

For more information on our construction program management services, call our team 416-628-1428.
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